Sunday, January 18, 2009

Come, Captain

Coquettishly you come to
me in the
A faerie masked in mystery
aloft on gossamer wings
soaked with starlight
Close you hover
gentle caress upon jugular
until secret somethings
gush unceremoniously forth
An outpouring of darkened heart
bleeding confession
costly petition
penitent libation

If I could only catch you
stall this dance
Silence this cacophony
Fill up what is lacking
in my affliction of
Oh! to know your coming
and your going
know it with the familiarity
of tide and shore
Wash over me
wipe away gritty
uneven surface
smoothly I flow
into the heart of
the sunset

I am lost upon you
I am lost without you
I have tasted the
gravity sinking through
the vortex
yawning beneath idle feet
I have felt the wind blow itself
to pieces against
the drift of
my wandering
upsetting course set

Come, captain this ship
Set the sails, tie the rigging
slip the anchor
for home


Sarah K. Asay said...

beautiful. so beautiful.

Zac said...

seconded. God, Ramon!

Kristialyn Johnson said...

I think I'll read this poem a few more times. It seems to quiet me.